FE Review

General Information

If you are planning on becoming a licensed Professional Engineer, the first step is the mandatory Fundamentals of Engineers Exam. The exam is generally taken during a student's last year as an undergraduate. The exam is offered at various locations and dates throughout the year so it can be taken at any time. In order to make sure you are prepared for this semi-annual exam, Chi Epsilon (the Civil Engineering Honor Society) hosts review sessions where CoE professors present on a number of topics. Starting in January 2015, we will only be offering recordings of these presentations. The cost to view the sessions is $40, payable to Chi Epsilon.

FE Exam Information (the cost is $225): http://ncees.org/Exams/FE_exam.php

To sign up for FE Exam Review Sessions or if you have any questions about the FE exam, contact Julia Hanson at fe-review@umich.edu

Review Sessions

We offer lecture recordings in the following topics: Economics & Ethics, Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, Fluid Mechanics, Statics & Dynamics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Chemistry, Hydrology, Geotch, and Heat Transfer. Once you have paid, we will give you access to view the lecture recordings and download lecture notes. We will also send you a list of these topics that pertain to the specific exam that you will be taking.

Review Books

We will also be selling review books for the FE Exam. We have the following books in stock:

The General FE Review Manual by PPI - http://www.amazon.com/Review-Manual-Preparation-Fundamentals-Engineering...

The accompanying Discipline Specific Manuals by PPI (including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Industrial, and Environmental) - http://www.amazon.com/Civil-Discipline-Specific-Review-EIT-Exam/dp/15912...

The General FE Review Manual by Kaplan - http://www.kaplanengineering.com/fe-exam/other-disciplines-fe/

The Discipline Specific Manual by Kaplan - http://www.kaplanengineering.com/fe-exam/civil/