Nevada Solar One’s socioeconomic impacts on Boulder City have been minimal. Facility construction had few to no impacts on local traffic, stores, and public services. Construction also had little impact on Boulder City’s workforce and rental housing market. Post-construction impacts, with the exception of the lease payments, and to a lesser extent property taxes, were also minimal. The conclusion is that Nevada Solar One has not greatly affected Boulder City or changed the town’s character.

When asked if they thought, considering everything, Nevada Solar One had been good or bad for Boulder City, interviewees overwhelmingly replied that Nevada Solar One had either positive effects or no effect on Boulder City. Several interviewees pointed to the lease revenue as a positive long-term impact of the project. Of Nevada Solar One, a local business development professional said, “I think it’s been a positive attribute for Boulder City” because it has created some positive awareness of the solar industry. He also cited the lease revenue. Similarly, when asked if they thought the town’s character had changed as a result of the facility, interviewees believed that it had remained intact. On the topic of future solar development in the area, one respondent noted that residents “literally” ask, “‘Where’s the next one?’”