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Who created this? The BI Wiki is maintained by the Business Intelligence division at Michigan Administrative Information Services (MAIS). Our goal is to provide a platform for the University of Michigan BI community to share information about best practices, techniques, and more. We encourage you to contribute to the wiki and help us grow our knowledge about BI.

Who can view this? Anyone can view the contents of this wiki. Please use good judgment when posting information to this wiki. University data use policies can be found here.

Who can edit this? Members of the following UMOD groups: Business Intelligence Council (BIC), Business Intelligence Community of Experts (BICE), and BI Wiki Edit UMOD group.

Why can't I edit this page? Several pages will be protected so that only administrators can edit them, such as the front page and certain templates. If you would like to add something to a protected page, please contact us.

What can I add to the wiki? Any relevant, factual, unbiased BI resources are welcome! Content must not be under copyright. Any copyrighted additions will be removed.

How can I edit this? Click here to read basic editing guidelines. Templates have been created to allow easier editing within the article guidelines. Go to Template:Visualization to view the template for visualization information.