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Compiled By Corey Seeman

Resources for searching biographical information from the Kresge Library and the University Library.

[edit] General Biographies

Biography Resource Center Why use Biography Resource Center?

  • From Gale Group, this resource is "a comprehensive database of biographical information on more than one million people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas. Includes the Lives & Perspectives Collection, featuring biographical entries from the latest edition of American Men and Women of Science and 40 subject encyclopedias."
  • A great place to start with encyclopedia entries for prominent individuals in all fields.

You might also try...

American National Biography Why use American National Biography?

  • From Oxford University Press, this resource "profiles of more than 18,000 men and women from all eras and walks of American life who have influenced and shaped American history and culture. Includes thousands of illustrations, hyperlinked cross-references, and links to select web sites."

Biographies Plus Illustrated Why use Biographies Plus Illustrated?

  • "Full text access to more than 95,000 biographies and obituaries with over 26,000 photos from Current Biography, World Authors, etc., plus links to relevant full text journal articles. Searchable by name, profession, race/ethnicity, etc."

Marquis Who's Who on the Web Why use Marquis Who's Who on the Web?

  • "Online access to profiles on over 1.3 million of the most accomplished individuals from all fields of endeavor including: government, business, science & technology, the arts, entertainment and sports. Combines entries from 21 Who's Who directories, including 110,000 brief biographies from Who Was Who in American History (1607-1985)."

[edit] Corporate Biographies

OneSource Global Business Browser: US and AsiaPac Editions Why use OneSource?

  • Excellent company and industry database
  • Biographical sketches of the leading executives at companies in the United States and across the world.

[edit] Multimedia

AP Images Why use AP Images?

  • "Online access to over 500,000 photos with detailed captions from the AP news wire. Includes all photos from US and abroad added in the previous 365 days (800 per day) plus many selected historical photos from 1844 to the present. Also includes printed graphics and news audio clips transmitted by AP, and selected publicity photos from PR Newswire, Prime Newswire, and other sources. Updated continuously."
  • While Google and flickr are great for images, you can download from AP images with great clarity and watermark free. Excellent for presentations.