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Compiled By Celia Ross

Here are some links to resources that will be helpful in researching the credit card industry. Please note that these are just general starting points--there may be more specific strategies or resources we can help you with, depending on your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or when seeking guidance.


[edit] Credit Card Industry Report Resources


  • IBISWorld has a number of reports related to the Credit Card Industry. Once in IBISWorld, search by keyword on credit cards and you'll see reports like:

Credit Card Issuing in the US and Real Estate Loans & Credit Lines in the US and Credit Counselors, Surveyors & Appraisers in the US. Academic

  • Do a search on credit cards and you'll see some reports that cover Private Label Cards as well as Rewards Cards, Affinity Cards and Commercial Payment Cards.


  • Mintel offers some reports on credit cards and debit cards from a consumer and small business perspective. Search by keyword credit cards to see what is available.

Plunkett Online

  • Plunkett's contains a Banking, Mortgages & Credit industry overview (find the link alphabetically on the left of the screen under Industry Research Center)
  • Use the "Plunkett's Build-A-Report" to create a PDF that will have the sections and information that you would like.

Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

  • Click on the Industries tab and look for S&P's Financial Services--Diversified survey. There is also a Banking survey which might be useful.
  • The reports load in HTML, but are also available in PDF.

Thomson One

  • Great source for analyst and industry reports.
  • You can search by keyword or by title - try searching for "credit card" as the title (under research).
  • For more information, see the Analyst Reports page on the wiki.
  • Be sure to use INTERNET EXPLORER for Thomson One.

Also check out:


  • eMarketer focuses on the online marketing and ebusiness sectors and has coverage of the financial services industry. Search or browse eMarketer to find data related to Preferred Method of Online Bill Paying Among US Online Bill Payers and more.


  • Search Forrester on credit cards to find reports such as How US Consumers Choose A Credit Card Provider and Customer Experience Index 2010: Credit Card Providers. They also cover other issues related to the financial services industry, so try different kinds of keyword searching, too. (Note: you need to register first before being able to log into Forrester)

Global Market Information Database (GMID)

  • Search GMID by keyword financial cards to see reports related to credit cards. Use the "filter by geography" drop down menu to limit to the USA (or other geographies). The "Financial Cards and Payments - USA" report is especially robust.

Simply Map

  • Simply Map can provide some demographic data on credit cards in the US. Once you've set up an account, you can click on Variables and search for credit card to see what's covered (double click on any of the variables to get a definition and data source). Make sure to check off your selections and add them to your search. Then click on Locations and you can add specific locations or you can click on the Rank button to get locations (cities, states, zip codes, etc.) ranked by a variable of your choosing (e.g. Average Credit Card Debt 2009). Add the locations to your search and then you can run a report that includes all of your variables for that location and then export the data.

[edit] Company Information Resources

OneSource Global Business Browser: US and AsiaPac Editions

  • OneSource features one-stop shopping that includes company and industry information.
  • Look up a relevant company (e.g. Visa). Once you're in their profile, you'll see links to industry information as well as company analyst reports, news, and other information.
  • When you are looking at an industry, you can view the leading firms in that field by clicking on "Peer Analysis" on the left hand side. This allows you to search the entire database by that particular SIC or NAICS code.

MarketLine Business Information Center

  • Marketline features company profiles containing overviews, business descriptions, company history, executive listings, product listings, etc. as well as industry reports that include 5 year market forecasts, market shares and SWOT analysis.

Mergent Online

  • Mergent features current and historical financial information on 15,000 US and 20,000 foreign companies, both active and inactive. Also very easy access to SEC filings, annual reports and other reports.


  • Orbis has information about 40 million companies, including 18 million European companies from 46 countries, 16 million US and Canadian companies, 6.5 million South and Central American companies, 1.3 million Japanese companies, 300,000 Chinese companies, and 90,000 African companies. Orbis includes information about 30,000 banks and 8,000 insurance companies.

[edit] Analyst Reports

Thomson Research (Ross School Access Only)

  • Use the ‘Research > Company Research’ link on the left
  • Research Reports will appear on the upper right hand side of the data for the companies that you are searching. It also shows up on the first page. Click on that link to conduct a search. Or click on the Research tab and then the Full Search tab.
    • You can search across analyst reports by keyword (note the date range that you're searching--default is only 3 months) and sort your results by relevance. Play around with your search terms.
    • Note: Thomson Research works best in the Internet Explorer browser.

For for more info on Analyst report resources and instructions for finding Analyst Reports, please visit the Analyst Reports page.

[edit] News and Analysis Databases

  • ABI/Inform Global (ProQuest)
  • Business Source Complete (EBSCO)
  • Factiva
    • Use ABI/Inform or Business Source Complete or Factiva to search across thousands of scholarly and trade publications using keywords related to the credit card industry--e.g. credit cards, credit cards and issuers, Visa or American Express, debit cards, loyalty cards, etc.

Journal Locator

  • Know a journal title but not sure what article database it can be found in? Want to know what journals contain the word "credit" in the title? Use the Journal Locator to search the 20,000+ electronic journals that we have access to at the Kresge Library.