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Detroit (Michigan)

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Compiled By Corey Seeman


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[edit] University of Michigan Departments and Centers

Detroit History Resources from the University of Michigan Library

Detroit and the Great Migration 1916-1929

Reports From the Institute for Research on Labor, Employment, and the Economy (IRLEE)

[edit] Michigan State University Departments and Centers

Why Detroit Matters (2010)

[edit] Census Resources

Census QuickFacts for Detroit:

HUD State of the Cities Data System (Detroit)

  • Includes numerous resources from the BLS, Census Bureau and other Government agencies.

[edit] Michigan Resources

Michigan Labor Market Information

[edit] Internet Resources

Data Driven Detroit

Timeline of Detroit

  • From the Detroit Historical Society.

Michigan's Urban and Metropolitan Strategy

Shrinking Cities Project for Detroit

  • Global project to explore shrinking cities in many nations.
  • Detroit Working Paper includes many views and writings about Detroit.