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Entrepreneurship Resources for SI663

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Compiled By Corey Seeman to support SI 663 (Entrepreneurship in the Information Industry).

These resources will be developed as questions arise, but will be focused on the Information Industry. These links are all setup for general University of Michigan access.

You might also visit the Entrepreneurship Resources for Non-Business Students page on the Kresge Wiki for additional assistance.


[edit] General Hints and Tips When Conducting Business Research

[edit] Hints

  • Try searching under company names – could find items, especially press releases
  • Try using generic terms – especially in full-text searches
  • Try using really generic terms – not everyone speaks ‘librarian’
  • When you find a good record and look for terms to search again ‘look for hooks’
  • Data is inconsistent – terms may not apply for multiple databases
  • Trust your instincts – if the data smells bad, it probably is
  • For private company information – question the data
  • For public company information – use analyst reports and SEC filing to see about specific elements of their business

[edit] Business Classification Resources

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) – OSHA

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

  • From the United States Census Bureau, this is one of the two standard industry classifications systems used world-wide
  • The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy (from the Census Website)
  • This was last updated in 2007, so it may have better coverage of recent developed industries
  • For more information on this classification system, visit the NAICS page at the U.S. Census

[edit] Demographics Resources and Databases

  • See the Demographics Kresge Library Wiki page for more resources.

[edit] Business Plan Resources

Business plans handbook (published from Gale)

  • Full-text version of the Gale multi-volume set (available at Kresge)
  • Good examples of the information needed in a business plan

Management And Planning Series - US Small Business Administration

How to write a business plan from Bplans.com

  • Guides and articles

Sample Business Plans - Business Resource Software

[edit] eBooks

eBrary Academic Complete Why use this?

  • Excellent ebook collection that covers all subjects and topics.
  • Business Plan books that have keyword capabilities
  • Ability to see what is covered in information industry

Safari Tech Books Online Why use this?

  • Search hundreds of technology and business electronic books
  • Excellent books on business planning and competitive analysis
  • Provides books published in the last three years and includes many software guides and the popular O'Reilly Media publications

[edit] Information Industry Resources

eMarketer Why use this?

  • Great coverage of the electronic resource market
  • Information on emerging technology
  • Research about the Internet including online advertising and more

Faulkner's Advisory for IT Studies Why use this?

  • Neat database that includes coverage of technology and technical companies
  • Able to find competitors and possible market opportunities

Gartner Why use this?

  • Great coverage of technology
  • Some reports are not accessible through the library's subscription
  • Check out the hype cycle reports - they explore trends, especially useful for social media

[edit] International-Specific Information

Business Monitor Online Why use this?

  • Excellent country-based market reports on a variety of industries
  • Useful for looking at tourism or energy in a specific country or region
  • Includes SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for many industries

EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) Why use this?

  • A central information resource on economic and political conditions across the globe
  • Excellent reports and assessments on most major countries and all regions

Global Market Information Database Why use this?

  • Strong marketing reports on a variety of topics- especially consumer goods
  • Provides information on market and economic statistics

ISI Emerging Markets Why use this?

  • Fantastic resource for every industry in emerging markets
  • Keyword searching on news, periodicals, research reports
  • Excellent coverage of India and China

Media Intelligence Center (formerly Audit Bureau of Circulations) Why use this?

  • The Media Intelligence Center provides circulation statistics for several thousand US and Canadian newspapers and periodical publications. Reports include statistics on paid and non-paid subscriptions, including digital subscriptions, home delivery and single-copy sales and are in PDF format. Yearly audit reports also include geographic breakdowns of circulation and some demographic information on readership. Search by title, periodical classification, market area, or circulation size.

[edit] Company and General Industry Resources

Business Insights Global Why use this?

  • Fantastic resource for company and industry information
  • Good information on private companies
  • Use to find investment reports, written by analysts at investment firms, that can help identify strengths and weaknesses of a particular company
  • Contains company histories and rankings

Global Market Information Database Why use this?

  • Strong marketing reports on a variety of topics- especially consumer goods
  • Provides information on market and economic statistics

IBIS World Why use this?

  • Great for industry research
  • Focus on manufacturing and service industries
  • Can search by NAICS codes
  • Information Industry reports include:
    • 51419b - Search Engines in the US - Industry Report
    • 45411a - eCommerce & Online Auctions in the US
    • 51419a - Internet Service Providers in the US
  • Sections in reports to look at include:
    • Industry Conditions (which includes "barriers to entry")
    • Market Characteristics

Marketresearch.com Academic Why use this?

  • Great resource for marketing reports on a variety of topics from restaurants to art galleries
  • Contains demographic marketing reports
  • All reports can be downloaded to PDF

Mintel Why use this?

  • Great resource for industry and demographic information, especially for consumer goods
  • For information on how to export, please see this guide

Mergent Online Why use this?

  • Good resource for public company financials
  • Source for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings and annual reports

OneSource Global Business Browser Why use this?

  • Great resource for public and private company financials
  • Use OneStop Report to download company information
  • Use Advanced search to find companies in a particular industry and/or location

Orbis Why use this?

  • Best global database with over 100 million companies and organizations in all countries.
  • Use Advanced search to find companies in a particular industry and/or location in any country.

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage Why use this?

  • Good resource for public company information and financials
  • S&P Industry reports (covering 55 industries) are excellent resources that cover larger industries
  • Industry reports provide archival copies dating back to 1997

Statista Why use this?

  • Statista includes ready-made statistical charts, graphs and tables on marketing, demographics, communication, technology, politics, health, leisure and public opinion polls.
  • When searching for companies or industries, see the Dossier (found under STUDIES & REPORTS sections of the results). The Dossier report includes key data on a company, industry or subject that are compiled and organized neatly.

[edit] Business News Resources

ABI/Inform Global (Proquest) Why use this?

  • Fantastic general resource
  • Great information on companies, especially private ones
  • Good for information from press releases
  • Find the Wall Street Journal in full text from 1984 to present
  • For older Wall Street Journal and New York Times use Proquest Historical Newspapers (From within the ABI/Inform Global Database, go to select database and choose Proquest Historical Newspapers)

Factiva Why use this?

  • Great news resource which includes newspapers, press wires, trade journals, magazines, and other periodicals
  • Excellent source for finding articles about small and start-up firms
  • Default time period is 3 months - you may need to expand to catch more articles

General BusinessFile ASAP Why use this?

  • Part of Gale Resources for the State of Michigan
  • Good general searching for business topics
  • Worth searching although it probably would not replace ABI/Inform Global (Proquest)

LexisNexis Academic Why use LexisNexis Academic?

  • Great general resource for company information
  • Use Company Dossier (Business tab under search) for information on public and private companies
  • Extensive source for company news
  • Find the New York Times in full text from 1980 to the present

[edit] Library Resources

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA)

[edit] Kresge Databases (Accessed at Kresge Library)

Business Source Complete Why use this?

  • Great general resource which includes academic journals, trade journals, and magazines
  • Use for articles about a specific topic
  • Also contains some company and industry profiles

[edit] Entrepreneurship Journals (Remote Access Available through University Library)

Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal


Entrepreneurial Executive

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal

International Journal of Entrepreneurship

Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship

Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship

Journal of Entrepreneurship

New England Journal of Entrepreneurship

[edit] Websites

America's Business Funding Directory

Why use this?

  • Learn about the different types of small business financing

Business.USA.gov (formerly Business.gov)

Why use this?

  • Government resources for small businesses including taxes, licenses and permits, statistics, and more

Business Owners' Idea Cafe

Why use this?

  • Interactive and creative small business website which includes message boards and articles on various entrepreneurial topics

CCH Business Owner's Toolkit

Why use this?

  • Includes many important forms for human resources, government contracting, taxes, incorporation, and more


Why use this?

  • This is a website for "high-growth entrepreneurs" with articles on marketing and operations among others

Minority Business Development Agency

Why use this?

  • This website is published by the U.S. Department of Commerce for small businesses to learn about conferences and competitions and to apply for contracting opportunities

Office of Small Business Programs

Why use this?

  • Published by the U.S. Department of Labor, the website contains information needed for retirement, healthcare, workers compensation, and laws essential for the small business owner.

Score (Service Corps of Retired Executives)

Why use this?

  • A mentoring website which also includes data on disaster preparedness and quizzes about your business

Small Business Administration

Why use this?

  • From the U.S. Government the Small Business Administration, this website has everything for starting a business and for existing small businesses.

U.S. Census Bureau

Why use this?

  • Check out the Business and Industry category for business and economic statistics and use the American Fact Finder for demographic information

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Why use this?

  • Learn about patents, trademarks, and copyright. Search the patents database for related patents

Wall Street Journal Start-Up Journal

Why use this?

  • In addition to business plan resources, calculate your start-up costs and cash flow