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I Need to Find Wall Street Journal Articles in Factiva

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Compiled by LibrarianSally Ziph

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Quick tips for using Factiva to get what you want.

Factivais a powerful database that includes company and industry financial data and news stories, as well as full text articles in 6,000 trade publications, newspapers, newswires and magazines. However, it’s not very easy to use. This wiki entry will show you a couple quick ways to get what you need. Factiva

One: To find articles in the Wall Street Journal, type the name “Wall Street Journal” in the Source Box. (It is the box with the purple ball next to it.) Click on the purple ball to search for the Wall Street Journal. Several editions will come up in pink type. Pick the Wall Street Journal Publication that you desire. Next, limit your search by date range in the date range box. Articles are current as of today. (Note: you cannot browse the entire Wall Street Journal text as if you are reading a print copy of the paper. But you can go to the News Tab in Factiva and view Headlines from Today’s Wall Street Journal.)

Next, in the larger free text box at the top, type in your search terms. In order to make your search more relevant, that is, not to pull up too many unrelated search results, you should use a proximity operator. A proximity operator will put your search terms closer together as the search engine searches through documents. This will result in more relevant “hits.” One proximity operator you can use is the word “near20” with no space between the word near, and the number 20. That operator will tell the search engine to find your terms within 20 words of each other on any given page. For example “Celebrities near20 endorsements” would find the word “celebrities” on any page where it is within 20 words of the word “endorsements.” You can substitute ANY number for the number 20, as long as you use the near operator. For example, near5, near10, near2, near50. Click on search and view your results. You can email articles to yourself or send yourself a PDF of articles you want to read.

Two: Finding Foreign Language articles in Factiva. To find French journals in Factiva, for example, all you have to do is Select Language in the list of options in the list at the bottom of the page. Scroll through until you find “French” and select it. You will now be able to find articles written in the French on your topic. (You should also search the database in French.)