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Intro to Kresge Databases

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[edit] Kresge Library Web Site


[edit] Highlights

  • Contact Us
    • Email or call library staff
    • Also chat with us via Library home page
  • Support
  • Resources
    • A-Z Database List
      • About 100 databases included on A to Z list
      • Most accessible from within RSB or remotely
      • Handful only available in-house from the second floor terminals
      • Database information usually not accessible via Google - "Deep Web"
    • Kresge Catalog
      • Mirlyn - Catalog for UM libraries' 8 million volumes
      • RefWorks - Use to create a citation list for resources used in research
    • Kresge Wiki
    • Journal Locator - Search on a journal title to find the full text in print or online
    • Search Tools - hundreds of other databases (engineering, medical) and resources from other UM libraries

[edit] Full Text Articles

ABI/Inform (ProQuest)

  • Full text access to Sloan Management Review and thousands of scholarly journals, newspapers and trade and industry publications

Business Source Complete (Ebsco)

  • Full text access to Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly and thousands of scholarly and trade publications as well


  • Great deal of news content, can (need to) limit searches by industry, company, subject, publication. Includes full text of Wall Street Journal.


  • Full-text business and legal articles, transcripts, legal cases, reports and related documents from numerous sources.
  • Also contains company profiles and other business information, including Hoover's content.

[edit] Other useful sources for articles

Google News

  • covers a wide range of online news sources

Google Scholar

  • search across white papers, journal articles and other scholarly material without the clutter of "regular" Google results

Kresge Database Search

  • search across a number of Kresge article (and other) databases for a quick look at what's out there on a particular topic.

[edit] Company Information

[edit] Company Directory Databases

DatabaseGeographical CoveragePublic/PrivateAdvantagesDisadvantages
Mergent OnlineInternationalPublic and large privateEasy export of 15 years of financialsMisses smaller private firms
OneSource Global Business BrowserNorth America and AsiaBothEasiest to use; includes some industry reports; SWOT and competitor reports; financials by region and business segmentLimited coverage
OrbisInternational - over 80 million companiesBothWidest coverageComplicated interface, slow
Mergent HorizonInternationalPublicCompetitors, customers, suppliers, partnersNo information for private firms
Business Insights EssentialsInternationalPublic and PrivateCompany profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, chronologies, SWOT analyses, case studies and periodicals. Includes the Market Share Reporter and Business Rankings Annual.

Mergent Online, OneSource, and Orbis can all be used to build "lists" of companies based on criteria like geography, sales, number of employees, etc.

[edit] Analyst Reports


  • Look up your company and then look for Company Research under the “Research” tab on the left hand screen.
  • Or search across analysts’ reports by clicking on Research tab on the left and then the Advanced Research Page link that show up in the upper right.
  • ThomsonONE also contains market data and worldwide company financial and related information such as company statistics, and funding transactions. ThomsonONE contains data from: ThomsonONE Banker, Thomson Research and VentureXpert.
  • Note: ThomsonONE only displays properly in Internet Explorer.

OneSource Global Business Browser: US and AsiaPac Editions

  • Look up your company and then look in the left-hand column for “Analysts Reports” as well as “Strengths & Weaknesses.”

Mergent Web Reports

  • Analyst equity and bond reports, annual reports, financial statements, and annual summaries for thousands of US companies and tens of thousands of companies worldwide, based on Mergent Reports. Includes in-depth analyses of key industries in North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

[edit] Mergers & Acquisitions


  • Limit by industry, type of deal, amount of deal, etc.

VentureXpert/ThomsonONE (Ross Only)

  • For VentureXpert content in ThomsonONE, select the 'Screening & Analysis' option, then 'Private Equity'.
  • Note: ThomsonONE only displays properly in Internet Explorer.

[edit] Industry Information & Market Research

[edit] General

DatabaseIndustry ExamplesGeographic CoverageNote
Standard and Poor’s NetAdvantageAutomotive, Entertainment, Utilities, Foods & Nonalcoholic BeveragesUnited StatesGreat "How to Analyze" and Glossary sections
IBISWorldAutomobile engine, steering manufacturingUnited States, China, GlobalManufacturing focus, lots of niche industries
MintelFood, drink, retailingUnited States and EuropeExport to basket feature
MarketlineFrom AC Drives to Yogurt International and GlobalAlso known as Datamonitor reports AcademicBusiness services, consumer goods, food and beverages, life sciences, demographics, heavy industry, technology/media, publishing, patient monitoringInternationalCheck this database if you can't find the industry information you're looking for anywhere else.
eMarketerAutomotive, Consumer products, Financial Services, Healthcarea & Pharma, Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Retail and Travel InternationalBest database for anything related to Ecommerce and consumers
Plunkett Research OnlineAlternative, renewable and conventional energy, automotive, biotechnology, health care, outsourcing and offshoring, real estate, telecommunications, supply chain, and other key sectorsInternationalSome good peer comparison data
Business Monitor OnlineAutomobiles, Energy, Telecom, food and drink, tourism, Pharmaceuticals, and othersInternationalGreat international coverage.
Freedonia Focus ReportsConstruction, metals, machinery, plasticsInternationalGreat international and niche industry coverage.
GBI Researchchemicals, clean technology, medical equipment, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, power, and semiconductorsInternationalGreat international and niche industry coverage.
GMID PassportConsumer industries like apparel, eyewear, packaging, beauty, toys & games and moreInternationalGreat international and niche industry coverage, also includes economic and demographic data.

[edit] Industry Specific

[edit] International

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

  • Financial & business forecasts for individual countries

Global Market Information Database (GMID)

  • Build a search by market, industry (or data set), and country; country by country market information

ISI Emerging Markets

  • Reports on industries and companies in developing countries - choose country first then look at company and industry profiles within that country

Business Monitor Online

  • Choose country first then look at industry - not all industries are covered for all countries

IMF eLibrary

  • Contains the following International Monetary Fund (IMF) databases
    • Balance of Payments
    • Direction of Trade Statistics
    • International Financial Statistics
    • Government Finance Statistics

From the World Bank: