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Information about Kresge Business Administration Library.


[edit] Kresge Library Orientation Materials

[edit] Kresge Library Annual Reports

  • 2012 Annual Report
  • 2011 Annual Report
  • 2010 Annual Report
  • 2009 Annual Report
  • 2008 Annual Report
  • 2007 Annual Report
  • About the Annual Reports
    • These will be released by September and cover the previous academic year.
    • The report describes the library and showcases library initiatives, collection news, organizational changes, new staff, presentations & publications, and other news from the last academic year.
    • We even have Kresge Library By the Numbers, which gives you a sense of the number of page views in Kresge databases and questions answered by the librarians.

[edit] Articles written by Kresge Librarians and Staff

[edit] Kresge Library News

Kresge Library News

[edit] Kresge Library History

  • Ground was broken for the construction of the Kresge Library in 1982.
  • The building was completed in 1984.
  • Coverage of the opening of Kresge Library may be found in the April 1985 issue of the Dividend.

[edit] Directions and Campus Guides

[edit] Links for Library of Michigan Foundations State Librarian's Excellence Award