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Here are some links to resources that will be helpful with your BA 353 projects. Please note that these databases are a great place to start. With over 100 databases available to the Ross Community, there are many suggestions that we can make when you have specific projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or when seeking guidance.


[edit] Need Help?

Please remember that we at Kresge Library are here to help you find the best resources for your projects while at the Ross School of Business. Please never hesitate to contact us for assistance or guidance when selecting or using our databases or print resources.

E-mail a Librarian

  • Librarians check this email account regularly during the week, Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm, and will respond to your question promptly. Please be as specific as possible. If you're making an appointment to meet with a librarian, please provide dates/times you are available.

Chat with Us using the Meebo chat box on our homepage

  • This is a great resource if you are stuck or are having problems with a particular resource.

Kresge Library Reference Desk Hours

  • Monday through Thursday: 9am to 7pm
  • Friday: 9am to 5pm

Kresge Library Instruction Schedule and Handouts

[edit] Finding Communication & Relationship Building Resources

ABI/INFORM (ProQuest) / UM Ann Arbor Users

Business Source Complete / Ross Only Resource

[edit] Kresge resources for market, industry and company information

[edit] Company Information

Company and Industry page on the Kresge Library Wiki

  • List of databases that primarily cover companies and industries. This list is a great place to start, but should not be the beginning and end of your research process.

OneSource Global Business Browser: US and AsiaPac Editions

  • Database features one-stop shopping that includes strategic initiatives, business and geographic segments, strengths/weaknesses, and ratio comparisons.
  • One of the best resources for company information, this also has some industry reports (Datamonitor and Fredonia Focus Reports). The Industry reports can be seen by clicking on the SIC and NAICS codes in the company record or by searching in the industry box.
  • When you are looking at an industry, you can view the leading firms in that field by clicking on "Peer Analysis" on the left hand side. This allows you to search the entire database by that particular SIC or NAICS code


  • Orbis has information about 40 million companies, including 18 million European companies from 46 countries, 16 million US and Canadian companies, 6.5 million South and Central American companies, 1.3 million Japanese companies, 300,000 Chinese companies, and 90,000 African companies. Orbis includes information about 30,000 banks and 8,000 insurance companies.

Mergent Horizon

  • Information about firms' products, major relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners, as well as competitors, financials, and industry information

[edit] Market and Industry Information

Market Research page on the Kresge Library Wiki

  • List of databases that cover Market Research and Market Specific Databases. As with the Company and Industry page, this page is a great place to start.

Business Monitor Online (BMO)

  • BMO provides industry surveys for over 100 countries worldwide. The industries covered include automobiles, food and drink, tourism, Pharmaceuticals, and others.
  • Please note that reports are not available for all industries and countries.

Global Market Information Database (GMID)

  • GMID includes market-related statistical information, news and Euromonitor Market Reports
  • Use menu search or text search for keyword searching


  • Database features wider range of industries covered than Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage. Individual reports include information such as product and service segmentation, barriers to entry, and major players.
  • For seeing trends, you can view IBISWorld Archival reports as well.
  • Start with a keyword search for either the company or industry. On the first screen for the industry report, you will see the leading companies listed as "Major Players Referenced".


  • Mintel offers a series of in depth research reports covering US and European consumer goods and services
  • Each market research report combines data & analysis of the competitive landscape, market-share analysis and consumer profiles
  • Also includes reports on consumer behavior and attitudes

Plunkett Online

  • Provides industry sector analysis, research, trends and statistics for 29 different industries
  • Select an industry on the left hand column.
  • Use the "Plunkett's Build-A-Report" to create a PDF that will include the sections and information chosen

Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

  • Database features a good starting place for info on an industry with information such as current environment, trends, key ratios and statistics on 55 different industries.
  • To view the Industry Surveys, see the drop down box on the right hand side of the screen under "Quick Links"
  • The reports load in HTML, but are also available in PDF.

[edit] Other industry and market resources

Medical and Biotech Resources

  • Kresge's wiki page for medical resources includes links to Kresge databases, journal titles and other web links related to the biomedical, pharmaceutical and medical device industries

Information Technology - including software and packaged applications, internet and ecommerce

Manufacturing Resources

Entrepreneurial and New Ventures

  • Wiki page includes links to databases, journals and other resources specific to new ventures, entrepreurship and venture funding

Nonprofit Resources

  • Wiki pages with links to Guidestar, other Kresge resources for researching nonprofit organizations and their operations

==Demographic and consumer information and data


  • Includes market data and segmentation, retail/sales channels etc. on a variety of consumer industries
  • Good resource for consumer attitudes
  • Includes reports on Green Living, Sports Enthusiasts, Attitudes to Food: Weight and Diet, Urban Living, Marketing to Moms, and more

[edit] Internet Statistics and Demographic Resources

U.S. Census Bureau- American Fact Finder

  • Under the catagory People is population data for the entire U.S. and some demographic maps by state.
  • Look up the number of establishments, sales, payroll, and employees for an industry using Economic Fact Sheet for an Industry under Business and Government.
  • For city or county level data use the American Community Survey under Data Sets.
  • Offers additional demographic data on government employment, county business patterns, and more.

Michigan Statistics

  • For demographics look at the various Michigan Regional Governments.
  • Links to government information and statistics for Ann Arbor, Detroit, Washtenaw County, and Wayne County.

U.S. Census Bureau- International Data Base

  • Includes world population information, country rankings and summary, population pyramids, and tables.

United Nations Statistical Databases

  • Look at the Common Database (UNCDB) for population and economic information by country.
  • Use the Demographic Yearbook for population, birth, death, marriage, and divorce rates.
  • Search other databases such as Social Indicators or Population and Housing Census. Kresge wiki page for Demographic Resources

[edit] Other tools and resources


  • Bibliographic management tool lets you download or enter citations, easily produce bibliographies and notes

Kresge library catalog

  • Search for library materials, databases and other resources

Kresge wiki pages

  • Wiki pages for your industries, as well as related industries and markets, Ross and Kresge administrative and operating information. Start with a simple search to see what's there

Citation guides

UM Library Research Guides

  • Use the dropdown menu under Browse to view subject areas

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