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Plagiarism and Copyright Resources

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Compiled By Corey Seeman


This page provides resources that will allow students to avoid plagiarism. For more information, please visit the Ross Community Values page.


[edit] Tools to help with citing data properly in your work


[edit] Resources from the Ross School of Business

Understanding Plagiarism and Citations

  • Document from the Ross School as it related to the Ross Community Values
  • Document is limited to current Ross students, faculty and staff - as well as other students at Michigan who are enrolled in Ross classes.

[edit] Resources from the University of Michigan

Visit our Plagiarism for more information on resources and common problems encountered by students.

Understanding Plagiarism and Academic Integrity (UM Library)

  • Great basic resources with links to numerous guides at the University and other schools.

Citing Sources: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due (UM Library)

  • Excellent set of tools to make sure that you are crediting information properly.

Copyright at the University of Michigan

  • This site provides basic information about copyright and scholarly publishing to support your activities as part of the U-M community - from their site.

[edit] Citation Guides

Also visit the Citation Resources page on the Kresge Wiki.

Citation Guide from Harvard Business School

  • Extensive (42 pages) guide used at Harvard Business School.
  • Can help with some of the more obscure business references.

Citing Material Found on the Web

  • One page guide for how to cite material found on the web. From the Ross School.