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Questions? Please contact Ross Help Desk (

Printing at Kresge Library is currently limited to Ross Business School affiliated persons. Here are some hints to more effectively setup and use the printers at Kresge Library at at the Ross School of Business. Also check out


[edit] Basic IT Information & Help for Students at Ross

  • DiscoverIT (from Ross Computing Services)
    • Includes links and tutorials to get setup and running on the Ross computing environment.
  • Printing questions should be directed to the Ross Help Desk (
    • Email for help regarding the printers
  • Ross Laptop Support can be reached via email to Ross Help Desk (
  • Make an appointment for assistance with your laptop
    • NOTE: "Laptop Support staff are limited to assisting you with the following types of issues: email setup, wireless setup, printing/scanning setup, secure instant message setup, and Ross/UM software support (iMpact applications, CTools, and SharePoint). If you have virus or hardware problems, please go to the UM Computer Showcase in the basement of the Union, or refer to your laptop's warranty repair services." - From DiscoverIT site.

[edit] Laptop Registration Program at the University of Michigan

  • The University of Michigan’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) offers a free Laptop, Personal Electronics and Bicycle Registration Program that is intended to “deter theft and avoid the consequences or assist in the recovery of stolen property.” You can register online and you will have stickers sent to you for your devices.
  • Here are the registration links:

[edit] Fax Services at Kresge Library

The Kresge Library now has a fax machine that can be used by Ross students for outgoing faxes only. The fax machine is located at the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of the library (near the public entrance). There is no charge for this service.

Other options for faxing at the University of Michigan include the following:

  • It is recommended that you use the Ross Scanning system to create a PDF document that can be sent via email or via online fax services.
  • If you need to use a fax machine, you can use services at the following locations (fees may apply):
    • SORC office
      • 4303 Michigan Union
      • Phone Number: 734-763-3202
    • Kolossos Printing (sending faxes only):
      • 1214 S. University Ave (near the post office)
      • Phone Number: 734-994-0454

[edit] Using the Ross scanning system

1.To scan you must first set up a Scan to Box account here.

  • You can use your Box account to store files, access them through the web and on a wide range of devices, share documents with others, and use it as a repository for scans using the Xerox machines at Ross

2. For the Scan to Box application to work, you must first connect the Ross Scan application to your Box account. This is a one-time process.

  • Once you’ve signed up for your free Box account using your email address, proceed to step two. You must do this first, using the link above.
  • Click here A window will open with a message asking you to click “Register.” This will link the Scan application to your Box account. After you click “Register” and receive a success message, proceed to next step.
  • Log in to your Box account.
  • On the right side of the screen, look for a “Pending Items” section. Hover over “Application Folder: Ross Scan to Box,” and click “Accept.”

At that point, you’re ready to scan! Simply walk up to any Xerox in the Ross building and swipe your MCard to log in. Tap the “Scan to Box” button, lay your document on the scanning bed, and follow the prompts to start the scan. After you’re done, be sure to log out of the printer and your scan job should then be waiting in your Box account.

[edit] Printers at the Kresge Library and the Ross School

  • There are three printers for student use at the Kresge Library.
    • Two printers located on the 2nd floor in room K2347 (behind the open seating at Kresge).
    • One printer on the 4th floor, next to the periodical stacks and near the Kresge Classroom (K4354).
  • Other printers are the Ross School may be found here:
    • Student Business Center & Laptop Support (R0430) on the lower level of the Ross Building.
    • Ross Building, near the R2210 Classroom
    • Ross Building, near the R1210 Classroom
    • Between E1530 and E1540 Classrooms
    • Between E0530 and E0540 Classrooms
    • Tozzi Center (E1410) - Access may be limited to students working in that room.

[edit] Printing from public computers at Kresge (that do not require a login)

  • We have a number of terminals near the entrance to the library on the second floor that do not require a login. There are a total of 4 public workstations and 8 database stations.
  • Printing is no longer possible from these computers. You may save documents onto a flash drive OR email them to yourself.

[edit] Setup Printing from a Wireless Device

Note that you have to be connected to the RossWireless Secure Network at the Ross Business School before attempting to set up wireless printing.

  • Windows 7, XP, Vista
    • Go to the start menu, open the Run dialog window. In the box Open:, type "\\\ross-followu"
    • Enter in the box Username, "umroot\youruniqname". The password is your Active Directory Password.
    • Setup is complete.
  • Mac OS X 10.5.x 10.6.x
    • OSX 10.6.x users must first install a driver, Ross DiscoverIT site before starting - 10.5.x users may skip to the next step.
    • Click on the Apple icon and select "System Preferences" from the dropdown menu.
    • Click on "Print & Fax" from the System Preferences window.
    • Click on the "+" to add a printer.
    • Press the Control key while clicking the toolbar, then choose Customize Toolbar.
    • Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar, then click Done.
    • Click the Advanced icon that was added to the toolbar then choose Windows from the Type drop-down menu
    • In the URL field, type: "smb://"
    • In the Name field, type: "Ross-FollowU"
    • In the Print Using dropdown, select "Please select drive or printer model"
    • Then select "Xerox WorkCentre 7655". Click Add.
    • An Installable Options window will appear.
    • Be Sure of the following:
      • "Finisher/Output Tray" is set to "Single Catch Tray".
      • "Hole Punch Unit" is set to "Not Installed"
      • (Paper Tray options can be left as-is)
    • Click OK.
    • A login window will appear. Under "Connect As", choose "Registered User"
    • User name: should be "umroot\youruniqname".
    • Password is your Active Directory password
    • Checkmark "Remember this password in my keychain".
    • Click OK. Setup is now complete.

[edit] Adding Printing Funds to your MCard

  • Please send all requests for statements and additional funding for printing accounts to Ross Help Desk (

[edit] Printing in Color

Printer Dialog Box
Printer Dialog Box
  • Color printing is available on the printers at Ross (please note that they incur a higher cost than black and white printing).
  • When you have the printer dialog box, choose Properties when you have selected "Ross-FollowU" Printer
  • Change Output Color from "Black and White" to "Color"
  • Please note that the printers are NOT setup for hole punch or stapling (despite the drop down boxes for those).

[edit] Name Tents

  • Blank name tents (cardstock) are available at Kresge Library at no cost for individuals. We have sufficient inventory to replace your own Name Tent, but not sufficient numbers for events, classes or programs.
  • If you are printing via FollowU Printing - please follow these steps:
    • Before you send the job to the print queue, click Properties, make sure you're seeing the Paper/Output tab, and click the Select Paper drop-down menu.
    • Choose Advanced on that menu.
    • For Paper Tray, select "Bypass."
    • Click OK.
    • Click OK in the "Paper/Output" menu and Print in the "Print" menu.
    • When you arrive at a FollowU printer, "Release" your documents as usual, then insert the card stock in the bypass tray (it's the open tray on the left).
  • Word Template for Name Tents can be downloaded here (Name tent Template File)