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[edit] August 18-24, 1996 -- Lake Michigan

[edit] August 18, 1996, Sunday

8:10 am

Left Home

7:10 pm

Arrived at the home of Diana's sister and brother-in-law, Cynthia & Dick Hockins in Tullahoma, Tenn.

[edit] August 19, 1996, Monday to August 22, 1996, Thursday

Visited with family and friends in Tullahoma, Nashville, and Manchester, Tennessee and Goshen, Indiana.

[edit] August 23, 1996, Friday

75, sunny and breezy.

8:35 am (CDT)

Left Goshen

11:30 am (EDT)

Arrived at South Haven South Pier Light. We got some ice cream cones.

12:05 pm

Arrived at the Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven and saw the special Lighthouse Exhibit.

1:50 pm

Arrived and walked around Saugatuck. Some neat shops. Had hotdogs for lunch. Left at 3:10.

3:50 pm

Arrived at the Holland State Park. (Difficulty getting through Holland because of construction). We are seeing this light from different angle this time, across the channel. Walked out onto pier to get pictures of Holland Harbor Lighthouse, "Big Red". Very windy! Beautiful sailboats out in the water. We wonder if there is a race. Left at 4:25.

5:10 pm

Arrived at the Comfort Inn in Muskegon and checked in. Left at 5:35.

5:50 pm

Arrived at Muskegon South Pier Light near Pere Marquette State Park. There was a wedding party having pictures taken with the Lighthouse in the background!

6:10 pm

Left the lighthouse and drove short distance to Dockers restaurant in nearby Harbour Towne. Good dinner!

7:05 pm

Left the Dockers and drove around Muskegon. Saw the submarine USS Silversides. Tours are available. Looked like a boy scout troup would be spending the night!

7:45 pm

Back to the Lighthouse for lots of sunset pictures. Left at 8:45.

9:05 pm

Arrived back at the Comfort Inn.

[edit] August 24, 1996, Saturday

85 and sunny

8:40 am

Left the Comfort Inn in Muskegon

9:35 am

Arrived at the Ludington North Breakwater Light on the pierhead. Gorgeous Day! Left at 9:55.

10:10 am

Arrived in Ludington State Park. Hiked 1 1/2 miles out to Big Sable Point Lighthouse.

10:50 am

Arrived at the Lighthouse. It was OPEN! We climbed the 130 steps to the top for a wonderful view of Lake Michigan and the Dunes. The gift shop was also open.

11:40 am

Started back to our car and were fortunate to catch a ride on the back of a pick up for 1/4 of the way.

12:05 pm

Arrived back to our car.

12:20 pm

Had lunch at the House of Flavors in Ludington. Good lunch and ice cream. Very crowded. Left at 1:25.

2:10 pm

Arrived at Little Sable Point Lighthouse (we have back-tracked to this one) in the Silver Lake State Park. They have been renovating and have one more side to complete. Beautiful day on the beach. Left at 2:30.

3:30 pm

Arrived at the White River Light near Whitehall and Montague. The museum and tower were open (45 steps). It's a beautiful drive around White Lake to get to the lighthouse. Left at 4:10.

7:10 pm

Arrived home

Trip Totals: 7 Lighthouses (none new, all previously visited on trips 2 and 3), 1900 miles, 6 days.

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