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[edit] Data Provider & Service Provider Registries

[edit] Data Provider Registries

  • UIUC OAI Data Provider Registry The most comprehensive listing of data providers, including the full name of the repository, the OAI baseURL, a description (accessed via OAIster), as well as the following.
  • This registry is the European guide to OAI-PMH compliant digital repositories in the world. It is available in English and Italian.
  • OAI Data Provider Registry The official data provider registry. While not as comprehensive as the UIUC registry listed above, it does allow potential data providers to validate their repository before publicizing it.
  • ROAR OpenDOAR The Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) and the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) are both focused on institutional repositories and OAI-PMH as related to the open access movement. While DOAR is mostly concerned with eprint services, specifically those that utilize the GNU EPrints software, OpenDOAR maintains a catalog of open institution repositories most of which also provide OAI data harvesting.
  • UIUC OAI Data Provider Registry List of Lists There are also other lists of OAI data providers maintained for various reasons, for example, OAI data providers that use a specific software platform such as DSpace. The UIUC OAI Data Provider Registry maintains a list of these lists.

[edit] Service Provider Registries

[edit] Reference

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