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[edit] Best Practices for OAI Data Provider Implementations and Shareable Metadata

A joint initiative between the Digital Library Federation and the National Science Digital Library.

[edit] Table of Contents

Introduction to Best Practices Work

Introduces the Digital Library and National Science Digital Library sponsored Best Practices for OAI Data Provider Implementations and Shareable Metadata . Includes the scope, structure, and target audience for this document.

General Competencies for OAI Data Providers

These are general areas of competency that are necessary before the OAI protocol can be implemented and used successfully. Both data and service providers should be conversant with the issues presented here. In many ways they represent the minimum of proficiency that is necessary to be a 'good' OAI data provider.

Best Practices for OAI Data Provider Implementations

Best practices for OAI data providers, particularly how the OAI protocol is implemented. Also included are guidelines for some of the optional pieces of the OAI protocol including sets, branding, rights, and use of the about containers. Please note that metadata guidelines (both technical and content based) are included in their own section below.

Best Practices for Shareable Metadata

This section presents best practices for shareable metadata, both in terms of technical issues (such as XML encoding) and metadata format, semantics, and content.

Tools and Strategies for Using and Enhancing / Extending the OAI Protocol

This section presents a comprehensive list of OAI tools for data providers and service providers, including repository software and validation tools. It also lists useful registries and reference tools, as well as information on enhancing and extending the OAI protocol.

List of Examples

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