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[edit] Tools and Strategies for Using and Enhancing / Extending the OAI Protocol

[edit] OAI Repository Tools

  • Software Solutions and Packages - Tools, systems, and other resources for sharing metadata records through the OAI protocol. (This page has been made out of the documentation of the OAI session at the NDSL Annual Meeting 2004 in Chicago.)
  • Static Repositories & Gateways - Static repositories are suitable solutions for small, infrequently updated collections of metadata. Registering the metadata collection with a gateway allows it to be harvested.

[edit] Enhancing & Improving OAI-Shared Records

[edit] Extending the OAI Protocol

  • Using SRU/W - The SRU/W protocol allows metadata to be shared in a wider context-- via federated search engines.
  • Collection Description Schema: The collection description schema was developed by UIUC as a means to utilize metadata that falls outside of normal OAI harvesting methods, i.e., metadata about a digital collection. Its development was part of the IMLS Digital Collections and Content project and was intended to be used for IMLS funded National Leadership Grant (NLG) projects.
  • NSDL Safe Transforms - PDF document - The NSDL developed a methodology for efficiently normalizing metadata from their data providers that didn't require repository-specific fixes.
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