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[edit] The Academic Reporting Toolkit

The Academic Reporting Toolkit, or ART, provides access to many parameters related to UM courses. Its creation and features are described in this report. The system is managed by the MIS team in LSA.

Examples are available here.

Access to the ART system is currently restricted to a subset of faculty and staff in LSA and Engineering involved in curricular decisions. Send e-mail to lsa.art@umich.edu to request access. The LSA Dean's Office is expected to expand access once privacy modifications involving small-N courses are put in place.

[edit] Student information stored in ITS UM Data Warehouse

Information about the student data present in MPathways data systems can be found here. This very extensive portrait of each UM student and their progress through the University is the basis of many Learning Analytics projects at Michigan. It extends back to the adoption of the MPathways data system around 1996, and so provides extensive historical information as well.

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