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A Partnership of the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment, Brown University and Duke University

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Lessons Learned

Click on one of the following ten topics to access practical lessons drawn from across the 65 case studies of marine ecosystem-based management.

Getting Started

What triggered the projects and how did they take their initial steps forward?


How are MEBM initiatives organized at different spatial scales?  What authority do they have?


How did initiatives use research, planning, regulation, restoration, communication and capacity-building to advance their efforts?


What have MEBM efforts achieved?  What impact have they had?

Facilitating Factors

What has enabled projects to progress?


What factors have been most difficult for places seeking to advance MEBM?

Enabling Collaboration

What facilitates collaborative relationships in MEBM projects?

Managing Conflict

How did MEBM initiatives manage conflict as they initiated, managed and sustained their efforts?

Managing Science

How did projects generate credible information, access traditional knowledge, and link science to managers, policy makers and the public? 

Monitoring and Evaluating

How have projects evaluated progress and used their assessments to adaptively manage their efforts?