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The Yaffe Center was established at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business by advertising agency founder Fred Yaffe. It is dedicated to the research, teaching, and discussion of persuasive communication.

Over the years, the Yaffe Center has focused on leading issues within persuasive communications. The recent explosion of digital technology and its impact on marketing is one of those areas of focus. That has led to fundamental changes in how communications are delivered, how consumers process them, and the elements that make them persuasive. Consumers experience more and more commercial message every day, many coming from new, digital media. Messages are increasingly visual and nonlinear. And interdisciplinary examples require study without silos.

Under the Center's academic director, Rajeev Batra, and executive director, Tim O'Day, the Yaffe Center's current focus is on:

>The Effectiveness of New Media: The Center runs a speaker series dedicated to this topic and is developing wikis on major subjects within this area.These wikis will give anyone in the U-M community a chance to contribute to our collective body of knowledge and learnings about this subject.

>Style and Design as Tools of Persuasion: In addition to speakers, the Center sponsors a course (MKT 627) in conjunction with the School of Art and Design.

>Interdisciplinary Examples of Successful Persuasion: The Center sponsors events with other schools at the U-M and opens courses to students outside the business school.

Please visit the Yaffe Center Website at [1]

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