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Ad copy is the main text displayed in a sponsored or paid search link. It is the text between the ad title and the display URL and usually two to three lines. The objective of the ad copy is not only to drive the CTR but also to ensure that the click ultimately results in a desirable action from the user. The action may be either view the landing page, fill a form or purchase a product. Such actions are also referred as conversion and arguably it is the true measure of the success of an ad copy. Writing ad copy is both a science and an art. The ad copy has to be persuasive and attention grabbing to entice user to click on the ad. On the other hand, it has to be constructed with relevant keywords and SEO parameters so that the ad appears during the search. Google provides tools using which advertisers can create multiple ad copies for a single URL and monitor the performance of these ad copies. Note that Google doesn’t charge for creating additional ad copies. They get paid when the ad is clicked so it is incumbent upon the advertiser to create specific ad copy for specific keywords even though the ad copies might lead to the same URL.

  • Title: – 25 characters maximum
  • Description 1: – Benefits (35 characters maximum)
  • 2 Description: – Features (35 characters maximum)
  • URL: – (35 characters max) [1]
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