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Advertisers need to bid for keywords or phrases to ensure that their ad appears in the search window. Keyword bidding is a very competitive process with words such as Mesothelioma getting bid for as high as $99.44 per click[1]. It is essential that any SEM strategy involves careful evaluation of various keywords and its cost benefit analysis. Google provides Traffic Estimator[2] tool to help advertisers analyze their keyword selection.

[edit] Keywords essentially fall under the following major categories:
  • Explicit Keyword: These are keywords where the user is fairly certain of what he is looking for. Example, Ann Arbor Plumbers, Metroparks
  • Problems: These are keywords which suggest a specific problem or a need of the user. Example, Leaking Pipes, Fishing and Boating in SE Michigan
  • Symptoms: These are keywords where a user is interested in gathering preliminary information. Example, Flooded Basement, Outdoor Activities in SE Michigan
  • Product Names: These are keywords when a user is fairly certain about the products or companies. Example, ABC Plumbers, Kensington Metropark

Bidding for keywords can be done either as broad match, phrase match or exact match. In addition Google provides a “negative match” option.



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