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Quality score is a measure of the relevance of the keyword for the ad. It is measured for each of the keywords used by the advertiser and these scores are frequently updated to reflect the performance of the advertiser’s keyword in generating ads. Quality score is an important factor in calculating ad rank and determining the relative position of the ad in the search page.

A higher quality score indicates that an ad can appear at a higher position at a potentially lower CPC.

[edit] Quality score can be improved via several optimization techniques
  • Align search query with the ad copy: It is necessary that the ad copy answers the question raised in the search query. You can create multiple ad copies directing users to the same landing page URL
  • Regularly revise ad copy to improve CTR: CTR is the most important factor to improve quality score. Sometimes it requires trial and error to find the best ad copy
  • Do not bid for non-performing keywords: Any keyword that cannot drive CTR should be removed
  • Invest in landing page design: A well designed and relevant landing page is important to drive CTR
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