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Search Engine Optimization is a specialized process and there are a number of companies and consultants who can help an organization to improve their rankings of webpages in natural search category. The SEO uses their expertise in the following areas to improve the pagerank of their customers[1]:

  • Site Architecture
  • Content Development
  • Link Building
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Business Analysis
  • Keyword Research

The market of SEO is extremely fragmented and selecting the right SEO partner can be extremely challenging for an organization. It is important for an organization to do due diligence before selecting the right SEO partner. Current customer references and their success stories, techniques used to improve pagerank and any incidence of penalties by major search engines should be carefully considered during the evaluation period. Every company seeking services of SEOs should perform detailed ROI analysis to objectively measure the benefits.

There are few SEOs who has given the industry a bad reputation because of their unethical practices such as using search spamming. Most major search engines have a mixed feelings about SEOs because of the obvious conflict of interest that exists between these two groups

  • Search engine providers objective is the provide the most relevant content at the top. However, they are indifferent to individual webpages.
  • SEOs objective is to make a particular webpage the most relevant page for search results.

Because of this search engine providers constantly change their algorithm to make sure that no one can artificially improve pagerank. Therefore, taking services of SEOs cannot guarantee top pagerank or permanence of those pagerank although SEOs will claim to provide those guarantees.

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