Some Common Error Messages

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  • invalid endpoints -- Sometimes seen when fabricating regions, during the make post process. For example:
sangria:bhlead % make post
cp /l1/prep/b/bhlead/bhlead.prepost.dd /l1/idx/b/bhlead/bhlead.dd
touch /l1/idx/b/bhlead/bhlead.init
/l/local/xpat/bin/xpatu -q /l1/idx/b/bhlead/bhlead.dd < /l1/prep/ b/bhlead/bhlead.extra.srch |
/l1/bin/t/text/ /l1/ idx/b/bhlead/ > /l1/prep/b/bhlead/bhlead.extra.dd
Error found:
<Error>Pair regions 'did' have invalid endpoints.</Error>

Error found:
<Error>syntax error before: ot within region dsc))</Error>

This is the result of having indexed unnormalized texts with xmlrgn. Normalization puts all the attributes into the order they are presented in the DTD (among other things). This is not a requirement of XML, but it is of nsgmls (invoked in the make xml process, but it's still sgml-based). Normalizing and reindexing will resolve the error.

  • pitstge -- Sometimes seen when searching for a word in an index that is somehow corrupted and/or truncated. For example, pitstge: n = 154526 out of range. Size = 136844. Searches in the index prior to the area of corruption/truncation work, which can mislead you into believing that it is a problem with the query. You will need to reindex to treat this error.
  • returning without an answer -- Sometimes seen when running xpatbldu, especially when the server is loaded. There may be a bug in xpatbldu that's triggered under certain conditions related to the size of memory allocated for the indexing process. If, for example, your index build command is xpatbldu -m 256m -D $DLXSROOT/idx/c/coll/coll.dd, try changing the memory to 255 or 254.
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