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[edit] DLXS Authentication and Authorization System

Describes the DLXS Authentication and Authorization System, a configurable part of DLXS middleware.

[edit] DLXS Simple Regression Testing System

The DLXS Simple Regression Testing System consists of script to drive the testing process and a collection of files representing the test case database.

[edit] DLXS Statistics System

The DLXS statistics system consists of two parts: (1) a tool to run on each web server to parse web log files, calculate hits, and insert those hits into the database, and (2) a web interface for retrieving reports such as HTML or MS Excel files.


Describes the IDRESOLVER, a simple mechanism for resolving a unique ID to a URL.

[edit] POD and DOD

Describes the available Print-on-Demand and Download-on-Demand features in DLXS.

[edit] DLXS Release Process

Documentation describing how DLPS generates a release of DLXS.

[edit] OAI Components

DLXS provides components for harvesting OAI records from data providers, OAI-enabling records from within or outside the DLXS system, and transforming and normalizing harvested OAI records into BibClass.

  • For more information on OAI and the Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), see the official site.
  • For best practices related to OAI, see the Best Practices wiki.
  • You can download a non-DLXS version of the harvester and provider at SourceForge. You can download the DLXS version of the harvester, provider and transformer at OAI Tools Package.
  • DLXS hosts the OAIster project, as well as other OAI test portals (MODS, Aquifer, DLF).

[edit] OAI Harvester

This document details how to run the harvester (UMHarvester) used for harvesting OAI records from data providers.

[edit] OAI Provider

This document details how to use the OAI-PMH 2.0 provider Perl module (UMProvider) and the generic data loading script (, in order to make your metadata available to the world (become an OAI data provider).

[edit] OAI Transform

This document describes how to transform and normalize harvested records into BibClass. It also describes conditioning that takes place to transcode from Latin-1 to UTF-8, and to handle ISO Character Entity Reference Mapping, Numeric Character Reference Mapping, and miscellaneous character problems.

[edit] Sitemaps

The document briefly describes the Sitemap features in DLXS.


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