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[edit] CGI Parameter Standards

A catalog of all parameters (arguments supplied in the HTTP query string) supported by DLXS middleware.

[edit] DLXS Middleware Library Modules

Describes the DLXS Perl Library Modules used by the DLXS middleware.

[edit] DLXS Object Class Hierarchy

Outlines the classes and subclasses in some of the main class hierarchies.

[edit] Naming Conventions

Describes naming conventions for parts of the DLXS middleware, including subclass module names, variable names for most common object instantiations, and method names.

[edit] Subclassing DLXS Class Modules

Provides a subclassing example.

[edit] Debugging DLXS Perl Code

A catalog of debug values and some environment variables.

[edit] DLPS's Development Environment for DLXS Software

Describes the University of Michigan DLPS group's development environment.


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