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  • Anyone can read this Wiki, but not edit it.
  • Staff members at DLXS Member institutions can edit all pages in the wiki, and create new pages. To become a registered user, please create a "friend" account for this wiki, then email us your username and we will add you to our list of registered accounts. Please note that merely creating a "friend" account does not automatically make you a registered user.
  • If you are at a DLXS Member institution, you will also want to subscribe to the DLXS Listserv. Traffic is fairly light, but we do make announcements about new releases, workshops, and other developments on the list.
  • Basic wiki markup, custom styles, and templates for use in this DLXS wiki can be found in the DLXS Style Guide. To find more information use the "Help" link in the left sidebar, or see the Mediawiki Quick Reference Card for basic markup instructions.
  • Occasionally, it is easier to link to an external page than to bring the page into the wiki. This may be true for highly marked up HTML files (which would require a lot of editing after pasting into a wiki page) or for some XML files. If you are editing a page that refers to such special content, please send us the special content attached to an email to Indicate which class it applies to (textclass, imageclass, bibclass, findaidclass, lib, misc). We'll place it on our server and reply to your message with the URL to the special content. The URL will be of the form{class}/{filename}.


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