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[edit] About Browser Extensions

If you use Firefox, chances are you've installed at least one browser extension or theme. Perhaps you already know about the plethora of extensions that are available for Firefox. But did you know that you can use Firefox extensions to improve your research skills and those of your patrons? Thanks to cutting-edge extensions like LibX and Zotero, library resources are now as close as a click in your browser's toolbar, and managing citations is as easy as surfing the web. Check out the links and tutorials below for more information.

[edit] Notes from Julie's Presentation

  • Tab Kit
  • Readability
  • Screengrab
  • Febe
  • It's All Text - Jake's recommmendation for editing any field with HTML markup
  • AdBlock - Dave

[edit] Tutorials

LibX screenshots & screencasts

Zotero screencast tutorials

A few Greasemonkey screencasts, including a demo of Book Burro

LibX and Zotero: Firefox Extensions for Librarians and Library Patrons (this tutorial is outdated and will be updated soon.)

[edit] Selected Extension Resources

LibX Homepage

LibX UM Information

Zotero Homepage

Greasemonkey Homepage Greasemonkey Script Repository

Firefox Add-ons

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