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[edit] About is one of the most popular social networking sites. uses tagging to allow users to add terms to web pages with non-hierarchical keyword tags. Bookmarks can be public or private. is not just a service for saving bookmarks, it can also be used to discover websites, share collections of websites, feed lists of links into another website (like we have done below), and many other uses.

[edit] Using

[edit] The Basics

  1. Register for a account
  2. Find some websites save them to (click post link), enter a title for the page and some tags that describe it.
  3. Install browser buttons to make saving/tagging super easy and give it a try
  4. Find someone to save to your network. Go to user's main page and click add user to your network. After you've added them to your network, you can recommend links to them by just tagging any website with "for:username".
  5. You can get a list of recent web pages tagged with a specific tag by setting up subscriptions - click subscriptions > edit
  6. Bundle tags into one or more groups to create a more detailed organization - click settings > bundle tags

[edit] Advanced

  1. Generate a linkroll, tagroll, & network badge. These can easily be embedded into a web page or blog post.
  2. If you use an RSS feed reader, you can be notified anytime one of your favorite users adds a new bookmark or when anyone bookmarks something using a specific tag (to cut down on repeats, use the "popular" tag feature Look for this icon rss feed icon (or others that say RSS, XML, Feed, etc.) that will sometimes appear on a page or in the URL address bar of some browsers. It indicates that you can get to the feed by clicking on it. See the Blog and RSS entries for more information.
  3. In Firefox, if you highlight text on a page and then use the delicious browser button to save the site, it will automatically enter the highlighted text in the notes field.

[edit] Example uses of

  • User's Lib Blog: Page Turners
    Blog post that feeds links in from If new items are tagged in, they will automatically show up in the blog post.

[edit] Other Resources

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