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[edit] Websites describing their mobile projects

[edit] Mobile-friendly features via regular websites

[edit] Mobile Library Web Interfaces

There are a variety of techniques for creating mobile web content. Some institutions just offer a text-only view of their regular site, some create a secondary interface designed specifically for mobile devices, often with separate style sheets for different devices. The most successful mobile interfaces don't try to offer full functionality but provide access to the essential bits that users are more likely to need via a mobile device

Note: some mobile interfaces are viewable from a regular browser, some "device detection" and are only viewable from a mobile device, and "apps" involve downloading an application to the device.

[edit] MLibrary

[edit] Other Libraries

[edit] University interfaces that include library content

  • Indiana University:(only viewable from mobile device) campus announcements, news, directory, events, bus schedules, and library search. Based on the MIT mobile interface.
  • Duke Mobile: iPhone app and web interface (uses device detection) for the entire Duke system (not just the library). The iPhone app includes access to some of the library's digital image collections.
  • MIT mobile: (doesn't seem to include library resources)

[edit] Mobile Reference Services

[edit] Mobile Marketing/Event Broadcasting

[edit] ebooks

[edit] ebook devices & apps

Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader are currently the most popular dedicated ebook readers. However, the iPhone/iPod Touch is often touted as having potential for being the most popular ebook reader due to the fact that it's a multi-functional device.

[edit] Other interesting mobile-related technology

[edit] Articles & Mobile Research

[edit] More sources for learning about mobile technology

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