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This page lists "2.0" type projects created by MLibrary staff. If you have a project not listed here, please add it!


[edit] Initiatives

[edit] Blogging

[edit] Microblogs

[edit] Browser Extensions & Widgets

[edit] Facebook

[edit] Flickr

[edit] Gaming

[edit] Instant Messaging

[edit] Mashups

  • Interactive Map of UM Libraries - uses flickr photos of each library and Google maps to show their locations.
  • MLibrary Labs links to many 2.0 projects (LibX extension, Facebook search & hours apps, iGoogle Gadget, etc.)

[edit] Podcasting

[edit] Presentation Sharing

[edit] RSS

[edit] Second Life

  • Second Life @ the University of Michigan (SLUM)
    The SLUM blog includes events, community, notes from meetings, reference, tutorials and other information about what UM is doing in Second Life. It is intended to be a vehicle for the Wolverine-Community group in Second Life. To join the Wolverine-Community group, please email Marc Stephens or IM Memetic Projects inworld with your avatar name and university affiliation.

[edit] Social Tagging

  • MTagger
    MTagger is a resource discovery tool. Its goal is to help users of the University of Michigan Library find items and collections they previously didn't know about.

[edit] Wikis

  • Many departments have internal wikis for staff documentation and information gathering.
  • GradRef Wiki
    Internal wiki for the reference staff at the Graduate Library.
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