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Boat Inventory

List of our current boats and their operational status.
Item # Name Description
K-11-01 WaveSport Stubby - Black/White/Red


K-11-02 WaveSport Big EZ - Yellow/Orange


K-11-03 Pyranha S:6 - Yellow/Orange


K-11-04 Perception - Orange/Purple


K-11-05 Perception Arc - Red


K-11-06 Dagger Crossfire - Blue


K-11-07 Pyranha Rev - Green


K-11-08 Pyranha Rev - Orange


K-11-09 Jackson AllStar - Gray

This is by far the coolest boat EVER!!!

K-11-10 WaveSport EZG-60 - Orange


K-11-11 Dagger RPM - Blue/Purple


K-11-12 Dagger Response - Red


K-11-13 Dagger RPM - Green/Yellow/Red


K-11-14 Pyranha InaZone - Orange


K-11-15 Jackson 2Fun - Yellow