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Info for Non-Students Interested in Membership

Age Requirement

You must be 18 to attend pool sessions and become a member.

Web Site Access

    To access features of this web site, you will need a UM login ID. Do not fret, this is free and easy. If you are not an alum, then you can create a UM friend account here. You will enter your e-mail, and then the system sends you a message. The message requires you to go to the link in the message to finish the account setup. Once you have your ID and password, then you should come back to our home page and mouse over the "Login/Signup" link in the upper right corner next to the side panel control buttons. Click on the "Create Your Profile" option. Now you can enter your login information to get at the profile creation page.

UM Alumni

     If you are a UM alum, then you may already have a login ID also known as a uniqname. If not, or you don't know your password, then go here to obtain one.

Pool Access Fee

     We regret to inform you that at this time we are unable to get a limited user pass for club sports for non-umich affiliates (Alumni, Faculty or Staff). We are working with Rec-Sports at this time to get this changed but as of Fall 2012 you are not allowed to purchase these special passes. But not all is lost for if you wish please Contact Us and we can work to sponsor you for a full membership to Rec-Sports (See Pricing Here). Which you can have access to the facilities all the time in addition to kayak club pool sessions

     If you are not a student or a student without access to Rec-Sports, then you are not paying tuition to access the facility; therefore, you must pay to get in the door of the building. You have two options. You can pay $10 for a pass each day that you attend, or you can pay $60 for a limited user pass that works all semester.  Site access fees are in addition to club dues. Contact us if you have an questions about purchasing a limited user pass to gain access to the NCRB during pool sessions.
      Umich Affiliates (Alumni, Faculty, or Staff)  Please note that in order to do this you must already possess an M-Card. If you do not already posses an MCard then you must go IN-PERSON to the CCRB business office to purchase an MCARD($20) in addition to the club sports limited user pass.  Otherwise if you already have a MCARD then the process is simple. You must go in-person to any of the campus recreation buildings. But importnatly before you go to purchase a Rec Sports limited user pass you must be listed on the MaizePage as on the roster otherwise they will not allow you to purchase a limited Rec Sports user pass.


Membership Fees

     There are club membership fees, which can be payed by check. See: Paying Dues Info