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[edit] Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative

[edit] What We Do

Sweetland’s Digital Rhetoric Collaborative (DRC)  aims to serve the digital rhetoric/computers and writing community by

  1. publishing a book series with the University of Michigan Press;
  2. hosting a curated blog where participants can discuss issues and innovations and participate in blog carnivals;
  3. sharing resources for instructors interested in teaching digital media and rhetoric;
  4. sharing ideas, events, and information on its Collaborative page;
  5. providing reviews of the annual meetings of Computers and Writing (and other related events) in order to make proceedings accessible to a wider audience;
  6. hosting a wiki where the histories and futures of digital rhetoric can be discovered and discussed.

[edit] Who Does It

Supported by the Gayle Morris Sweetland Center for Writing, the University of Michigan Press, and MPublishing/MLibrary, the DRC is guided by the members of its Board, by its directors Naomi Silver and Anne Ruggles Gere (University of Michigan), and most importantly, by members of the DRC community who wish to contribute, publish, and participate.

[edit] Board members

  • Jonathan Alexander (University of California, Irvine)
  • Cheryl Ball (Illinois State University)
  • Kristine Blair (Bowling Green State University)
  • Doug Eyman (George Mason University)
  • Troy Hicks (Central Michigan University)
  • Derek Mueller (Eastern Michigan University)
  • Jentery Sayers (University of Victoria)
  • Melanie Yergeau (University of Michigan)

[edit] --> Visit the Digital Rhetoric Collaborative website at

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