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[edit] DRC Wiki Help

For help getting started editing the wiki, here are some useful links from MediaWiki:

  • Create a new page,
  • Format text on your page,
  • Create hyperlinks,
  • Create sections,
  • Add images (please note: before following these instructions, you must first upload an image at the Upload file link in the toolbox to the left),
  • And access the full MediaWiki help guide.

[edit] Important notes:

To get started creating your new page, first navigate to the appropriate section from the Main Page (e.g., People, Concepts, etc.). On the section page, you can create the link to your new page by clicking the Edit tab on the top of the page and creating a wikilink, i.e., putting two square brackets around the name of the page title you wish to add. Please list entries (i.e., create the link to your new entry) in alphabetical order by first title word.

For more information, follow the instructions for "Using Wikilinks" in "Starting a new page." Click on the "see Links" hyperlink, and follow the instructions for creating an internal link.

Information added to a wiki article should contain supporting citations to either websites or to print texts using the ref tags. Additional reading can be listed at the bottom of the article through a Further reading and/or External links section.

[edit] Naming conventions:

  • For People, name your page after the person, like this: Last Name, First Name (e.g., Selfe, Cynthia).
  • For Concepts and Institutions & Organizations, name your page after the concept or organization in questions (e.g., Remediation or Kairos or HASTAC). Please do not use the or a/an in page titles.
  • For Texts and Technologies & Software, name your page after the text or technology in question (e.g., Passions, Pedagogies, and 21st Century Technologies or MOO or Omeka).

Contact with any additional questions (please use subject line: DRC Wiki help question).

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