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Baily Light in 1995 - 22nd trip
Baily Light in 1995 - 22nd trip

Howth, Co Dublin, Ireland

Built: 1814

Automated: 1996

This light is located at the south-eastern tip of Howth Head which juts out into the Irish Sea at the entrance to Dublin Bay. There has been a light on this part of Howth Head, in one form or other, for over 300 years. The first actual lighthouse wasn't built here until 1668, however. A second lighthouse was built in 1790. These first lights were found to be positioned too high and often obscured by fog, mist and low clouds. The present structure was built at a lower elevation, below the level of the cliff. It was originally painted white but was restored to its natural granite in 1910. This light will be the last of all the Irish lighthouses to be automated, scheduled for 1996.

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