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Hook Head Light in 1995 - 22nd trip
Hook Head Light in 1995 - 22nd trip

Churchtown, Co Wexford, Ireland

Built: 1172

Automated: 1996

This massive tower, located at the tip of Hook Head at the entrance to Waterford Harbour, was built around 1172 and even today remains in excellent condition. It was used as a monastery and the monks kept the light burning atop it until sometime in the 16th century. It was kept in use as a lighthouse (doubling as a center for counterfeiting money) until 1641, when the light was abandoned. It remained unlit until sometime between 1665 and 1667 when it was re-established. It has remained in operation ever since. In 1871, the light was converted from oil to gas. The gas was replaced by incandescent paraffin vapour in 1911 and then by electricity in 1972. The first fog signal, a bell, was added in 1838.

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