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Mullins Point Rear Range Light in 2009 - 50th trip
Mullins Point Rear Range Light in 2009 - 50th trip

Wallace, Nova Scotia

Built: 1894

Decommissioned: 1965

This combination dwelling and light tower was built to serve as the rear range light and residence for the lighthouse keeper. The tower, centered atop the one-and-a-half-story dwelling’s gabled hip roof, rises to a height of 14.6 meters (48 feet) and provided a focal plane of 25 meters (82 feet). It is located on the north side of the entrance to Wallace Harbor on the south side of the Strait of Northumberland. It replaced the previous rear range light that had consisted of a red light shining from the window of the keeper's home. In 1965, when the wooden range lights were replaced with steel skeletal towers, the building with its light tower was sold and moved about 1.5 km to its present location.

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