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[edit] July 20 - 22, 1988 -- Nappanee & Lake Michigan

[edit] July 20, 1988, Wednesday

8:50 am

Left Home.

11:45 am

Lunch & Dairy Queen in Kendallville, Indiana.

12:30 pm

Arrived in Nappanee - Amish Acres, Dinner, Play: "Plain and Fancy". Stayed in a Bed and Breakfast - Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wenger.

[edit] July 21, 1988, Thursday

10:00 am

Left Wengers. Through Nappanee and short drive through rural area and Breman.

1:43 pm

Arrived at Old Lighthouse Museum in Michigan City, Indiana: Michigan City Light and East Pier & Breakwater Lights. Museum hours: Tues-Sun 1-4 pm. Picnic lunch near Coast Guard Station. Walked to beach to take pictures. Left 3:20 pm.

4:21 pm

Arrived in St. Joseph to see the St. Joseph North Pier Inner & Outer Lights. Left 4:30 pm.

5:28 pm

Arrived at South Haven South Pier Light. Red Lighthouse. Shopped in Old Harbor Village - dinner (hot dogs and ice cream). Left 8:20 after going back to the beach.

8:45 pm

Arrived at Holland Harbor Light which is known locally as "Big Red." Walked on private property to get to it. Pretty sunset. Left 9:20 pm.

10:00 pm

Arrived in Grand Haven.

[edit] July 22, 1988, Friday

9:40 am

Left motel in Grand Haven.

9:45 am

Arrived at State Park - Grand Haven South Pier Inner & Outer Lights.

1:15 pm

Went to Windmill Island. Left 3:13 pm.

6:15 pm

Arrived Home.

Trip Totals: 9 Lighthouses, ? miles, 3 days.

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