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[edit] July 23 - 24, 1992 -- Lake Michigan by Boat (Beaver Island)

[edit] July 23, 1992, Thursday

8:15 am

Bob & Kathy (Don's brother and wife), Diana & Don left the Torch Lake Marina with Bob & Kathy's boat in tow and drove to Charlevoix.

9:15 am

Left Lake Charlvoix, passed through Round Lake and headed out into Lake Michigan.

10:25 am

We could see Beaver Island (after several fog banks).

10:55 am

We took pictures of the St. James Harbor Lighthouse. We got a boat slip, rented a jeep and reserved rooms at the Beaver Island Lodge.

12:30 pm

We had lunch at The Shamrock.

1:50 pm

We arrived at the St. James Harbor Lighthouse by land this time and took pictures. It's a beautiful day! Sunny, warm and not too hot with a slight breeze.

2:30 pm

Arrived at the Beaver Island Lighthouse. We walked up into the tower, took several pictures and left at 3:00. We finished driving around the island and stopped at a few shops in St. James.

6:00 pm

We had dinner at the Lodge. Beautiful view overlooking the water. We took a short walk along the beach at sunset.

[edit] July 24, 1992, Friday

8:45 am

We loaded boat, grocery shopped, returned jeep, gassed up boat, and left just before 10:00 am. We headed toward Squaw Island.

10:40 am

We arrived at the Squaw Island Lighthouse. We could hardly see the lighthouse because of all the trees. We thought about going ashore but decided not to take the time because we wanted to get down to South Manitou. We found out later that it is privately owned and snake infested. From here we could see the Lansing Shoal Light off in the distance.

1:30 pm

Arrived at the North Manitou Shoal Light, slowed down the boat and took some pictures. We could see the South Manitou Light from some distance.

2:00 pm

We had anchored off shore of the South Manitou Island Light and ate our lunch. This is a pretty light. Don waded in to shore for pictures with camera held high above his head. Left at 3:15 pm.

5:00 pm

Arrived back in Charlevoix. We had dinner at Nanny's. Andrea and her college roommate joined us for dinner.

7:30 pm

Arrived back at Bob & Kathy's cottage on Torch Lake.

Trip Totals: 6 Lighthouses, 2 days

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