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[edit] June 30, 1996 -- Saginaw River Rear Range Light

[edit] June 30, 1996, Sunday

10:50 am

Left home after church with Andrea & Duffy.

12:15 pm

Arrived at McDonalds on Wilder Rd. in Bay City and had lunch with Diana's nephew and family, Ralph, Michelle, Abby & Emily. Left at 1:20.

1:25 pm

Arrived at Duffy's parent's home. Buck & Diane Baxter live on the Kawkawlin River in Bay City.

2:30 pm

Buck & Diane took us on their boat out into Saginaw Bay and then up the Saginaw River.

2:50 pm

Arrived at the Saginaw River Rear Range Light. Buck took the boat into the channel so Don could get lots of pictures.

3:00 pm

Left the lighthouse and went back out into the bay. Saw some friends of Baxter's out riding jet skis and Duffy went for a ride before we went back to their home.

3:40 pm

Arrived back at the Baxter's.

5:00 pm

Went to Krzysiak's restaurant for dinner and then to see Buck & Diane's motorhome parked down by the Saginaw River for the fireworks on the 4th of July. Left at 7:45.

9:10 pm

Arrived home.

Trip Totals: 1 Lighthouse, 210 miles, 7.7 water miles, 1 day

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