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The intent behind the badges project is to harness the excitement created by those who share or advocate for sharing scholarly material and use that to gain momentum in the open education movement at the University of Michigan. To do this we are discovering (researching, designing and analyzing) badges as they apply to the various tasks of learning about and creating OER. We hope to be able to administer badges for a whole range of tasks and accomplishments - from student participation in dScribe to staff and faculty involvement in OER, Open Access, and open education.

There are many organizations that are already doing great things to help learners learn, progress through their education or discover new knowledge. Many of these organizations are interested in incorporating badges into what they do and we think that’s awesome! We hope that this will help others draw insight into what steps to take toward their own badge project.

[edit] Badge Project News

  • Submitted our application to Stage One of this year's Digital Media Learning Competition. You can read it here.
  • Moved our badge module to OERbit. Badge information can now be accessed at Connect Badges.
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