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Welcome to the Open.Michigan wiki!

This wiki is a space for documentation and ideas related to the development of the Open.Michigan initiative. Open.Michigan is a University of Michigan initiative that enables faculty, students, staff and others to share educational resources and research with the global learning community. Together, we create new ways for people to collaborate and to interact with courses, content, and curriculum.


Open.Michigan has developed and refined several processes and resources over the existence of the initiative. These archives include old processes, projects, meeting notes and tools no longer actively used by the Open.Michigan team in this form. Please visit our Projects page and our Infokit for the most current version of our tools and resources.

The wiki archives include past dScribe training materials, archived legal and policy artifacts, notes for past research and development projects, documentation for software projects, and some of our operational notes.

Staff Workspace

These are the external tools and resources we use on a daily basis to support the operational aspects of our open activities at the University of Michigan and with our partners.


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