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dScribe: Content Publishing

[edit] Publishing your OER content

After you have completed the process of clearing and editing your Educational Content it is time to make it available for the world!

[edit] Open.Michigan's Process

Open.Michigan uses Drupal as our OER repository. You can see the very detailed description of how we publish content on Drupal here.

If you want us to publish and host your materials for you, get in touch with us and we can take care of it:

[edit] Personal Publishing

Really, the minimum that is needed to get your content out there and available is to post it online. This could be done by simply putting it on your personal webspace (many faculty/staff/students are given free webspace at most institutions). However, the draw back to this is that your content will then need to be made 'discoverable.' The easy way to make your content discoverable is to publish it through the Open.Michigan OER website.

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