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dScribe template for soliciting student-contributed content

Prof. ______ and I are participating in dScribe project (https://open.umich.edu/education) to convert Prof. ____'s [insert course number] materials from this semester into Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are educational materials (e.g. course materials, videos, software tools, student work) with open copyright licenses. That means these resources are freely available for use, remixing and redistribution. At the end of the semester the OER version of [insert course number] will be published at [eduCommons URL - request from our publication director].

It would add value to the published course if we could include materials (e.g. papers, presentations, group notes) created by students. If you want to include your papers or presentations on the OER site for this class, please fill out the permission form at https://open.umich.edu/oerperm/U-M_Participants_OER_Permission-General.html. The form allows you to select a Creative Commons license for your materials as well as indicate if you would like attribution. If you would like to participate but do not want your name included with your materials, then select the radio button "I decline to have my name associated with my materials on U-M OER." The OER office will maintain your participation form, but the disseminated with the open course content will list an anonymous author, e.g. Student 1, SI 541 Winter 2009. For people who are interested in contributing and creating open content in general, there are couple actions you can take in order to make the dScribe or OER conversion process easier for the dScribe (me!): 1. search for and use more open content (see https://open.umich.edu/wiki/index.php5/Open_Content_Search) 2. cite the work on which you build (e.g. label source info for images in presentations).

If you have any questions regarding the permission form or OER here at U-M, please feel free to contact me [insert dScribe email] or the dScribe team (dScribe.info AT umich DOT edu).

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