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dScribe Outreach

Performing outreach to potential producers of OER content is one of the most useful and meaningful activities that dScribes perform.

[edit] Outreach to Educators

As educators are undoubtedly the creators of the largest proportion of current OER materials, their participation is fundamental to a successful OER community. dScribes, and other interested students, are in a perfect position to have conversations with their faculty about the topic of OER and Open Learning in general.

Many educators are already aware of the concept of sharing materials among themselves for teaching purposes, so making the transition to creating and using Open Educational Resources is not a difficult one.

[edit] Outreach to Other Students/Learners

Students are busy people; writing papers, going to class, checking Facebook are all very time-consuming. Thus, if a student wants to enable a great effect on their local learning community with respect to OER then communicating with other students is extremely helpful. Those other students will be yet more voices for Open in the classroom. Additionally, with more students engaged at the school level the faculty's support network is strengthened.

Some interesting student organizations that relate to Open Educational Resources:

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