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Open Content Licenses

[edit] What is an Open Content License?

An Open Content License is any license which applies to creative objects (like text, image, movie, audio) that allows any person to reuse that content without asking for prior permission.

Open.Michigan Recommendation: Open.Michigan recommends the use of a Creative Commons (CC) license for your works which you want to make available for others to use and build upon.

This list includes all licenses that would be considered an Open Content License. If you are intrigued by the notion of "Freedom" (eg: libre or liberty) and how it applies to Open Content, see

See also and TOU Open License Overview

[edit] List of Open Content Licenses

[edit] Creative Commons

Note: Open.Michigan only allows the use of the first 4 licenses in Open Educational Resources that they publish. Open.Michigan does not allow the use of any of the NoDerivatives licenses. Open.Michigan also prefers (but does not require) that the license not be any of the NonCommercial variations.

For more information about Creative Commons, see the Creative Commons About page.

[edit] Free Software Foundation

Note: Open.Michigan only allows the use of the GNU Free Documentation License if it explicitly says it does not include any "invariant sections."

For more information about the Free Software Foundation, see the FSF About page.

[edit] Copyleft Attitude

[edit] Free Creations

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