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Open Data License


[edit] What is an Open Data License?

An Open Data License is a license which when applied to databases or other collections of data allows other users to reuse the content and build on top of it.

Of particular note: While a specific collection and arrangement of data could have copyright protection, the individual facts do not. This is the case for all facts and ideas; they are explicitly listed as not subject to copyright. See [ยง 102(b)] of US Copyright Law.

[edit] List of Open Content Licenses

[edit] Creative Commons

Creative Commons has created a WAIVER for use with Data and Databases.

  • Creative Commons Zero Waiver (aka: CC0)
    • This waiver allows the creator to release the work without any copyright restrictions. There are no copyright/property restrictions on reuse but there may be privacy or patent concerns.

[edit] Open Knowledge Foundation

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