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# Exclude system files that unnecessarily tripwire
x ./Library/Preferences/DirectoryService/.DSIsRunning

# PCIE cards
x ./Library/Preferences/com.apple.PCIE.plist

# Related to Apple's displays, when they have their USB cables connected
# to the computer, as with the Apple Studio Display 21
x ./Library/Preferences/com.apple.driver.AppleUSBDisplays.plist

# Chosen keyboard type if you see the Keyboard Assistant while using
# a non-Apple keyboard (such as through a KVM)
x ./Library/Preferences/com.apple.keyboardtype.plist

# Assorted preferences files that change frequently or are computer-specific
x ./Library/Preferences/com.apple.BezelServices.plist
x ./Library/Preferences/com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist
x ./Library/Preferences/com.apple.audio.DeviceSettings.plist
x ./Library/Preferences/com.apple.audio.SystemSettings.plist

# ColorSync profiles for displays
x ./Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays/*.icc

# Trust Settings for certificates in keychains, whose property list
# filenames correspond to UUIDs
# User trust settings for certificates or certificate authorities may go here
# With this, /Library/Security/Trust\bSettings should be in a positive transcript,
# although it appears to be created only after the first trust is set
x ./Library/Security/Trust?Settings/????????-????-????-????-????????????.plist

# Python files
x ./Library/Python/<2-3>.<0-9>/site-packages/*.pyc
x ./Library/Python/<2-3>.<0-9>/site-packages/*.pyo

# Optionally include compiled Python files in System domain, too
# x ./System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/<2-3>.<0-9>/lib/python<2-3>.<0-9>/*.pyc
# x ./System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/<2-3>.<0-9>/lib/python<2-3>.<0-9>/distutils/*.pyc
# x ./System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/<2-3>.<0-9>/lib/python<2-3>.<0-9>/encodings/*.pyc

# System Update files
x ./Library/Updates/*

# Exclude dump(8) crud
x ./private/etc/dumpdates

# Exclude Kerberos keytab, which should be unique per system
# Recreated automatically when it is missing, but not when it
# is present but empty (as it might be when in a negative transcript)
x ./private/etc/krb5.keytab

# Exclude prebinding cache files
# dyld_share_cache files come in i386 and powerpc flavors
x ./private/var/db/dyld/dyld_shared_cache_* 
# Is there more than an *.applesaved version of this file?
x ./private/var/db/dyld/update-prebinding-paths.txt.*

# Exclude the locate(1) database
x ./private/var/db/locate.database

# Exclude all whatis(1) databases
x ./usr/*/man/whatis

# Exclude all .DS_Store files
x */.DS_Store

# Exclude Xcode reference library documentation
# This is optional, but the docsets are very large when initially deployed
# and they can be installed or updated in the Xcode application
# by a user with admin privileges
# If you deploy Xcode via a K-in-K, you may wish to
# put these optional exclude lines in that file
x /Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets
# Legacy path for docsets
x /Developer/Documentation

# Exclude non-english Localized Project Folders
# but do so only if you are not deploying or managing these localizations for your software
x */Danish.lproj
x */Dutch.lproj
x */Finnish.lproj
x */French.lproj
x */German.lproj
x */Italian.lproj
x */Japanese.lproj
x */Korean.lproj
x */Norwegian.lproj
x */Portuguese.lproj
x */Russian.lproj
x */Spanish.lproj
x */Swedish.lproj
x */cs.lproj
x */da.lproj
x */de.lproj
x */en_AU.lproj
x */en_CA.lproj
x */en_GB.lproj
x */es.lproj
x */fi.lproj
x */fr.lproj
x */hu.lproj
x */it.lproj
x */ja.lproj
x */jp.lproj
x */ko.lproj
x */nl.lproj
x */no.lproj
x */pl.lproj
x */pt.lproj
x */pt_BR.lproj
x */pt_PT.lproj
x */ru.lproj
x */ru_RU.lproj
x */sv.lproj
x */ta.lproj
x */tr.lproj
x */zh_CN.lproj
x */zh_TW.lproj
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